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Notre Dame Prep - Established 1873


Case Study: Target Audience Market Research, Media Strategy and Digital Marketing


Notre Dame Preparatory School (NDP) is a Catholic, independent college preparatory school for girls, grades 6-12, located in Towson, Maryland. The school approached Kalix to help them gain a deeper understanding of how NDP is perceived by prospective families compared to other independent and public schools in the region.  The school also wanted to learn how to optimize their use of social media to boost awareness and engagement.

Located in the highly competitive Baltimore independent school market, NDP needed to increase their enrollment at both the middle school and high school levels. The school needed to understand how they are perceived by prospective families, specifically, how to enroll more families who visited the school during open houses. Additionally, the school wanted to use Facebook to boost their reach, awareness, and engagement with prospective families and students, with the goal of ultimately converting targeted prospects into NDP families/students.


Beginning in the summer, we held a series of in-person focus groups with prospective high school and middle school families. The goals of these groups were to: discover participants’ perceptions of NDP compared to the competition; understand the considerations that went into selecting a school for their child; test messages for future promotions; and to garner feedback on NDP’s new website.

From the focus group results, Kalix crafted a multi-phased social media strategy that employed the use of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to generate awareness and engagement and make the school top-of-mind. This included: best practices in crafting and publishing content; images and video; better integration of social plug-ins on the school’s website; and cross-promotion of social platforms.

A custom ambassador program was also developed and launched to energize and influence NDP loyalists. The program capitalized on the use of social media and viral marketing strategies to stimulate online and offline conversations, organize fan bases to drive and enhance brand loyalty, expand relationships, and generate online buzz. A targeted Facebook ad campaign was also deployed with specific calls-to-action and measurable tactics.

Kalix also created a coordinated radio campaign that ran on select radio stations that targeted the NDP prospective parent demographic, a digital campaign in an online magazine, and a targeted email campaign.


Following four years of coordinated campaigns, NDP has had very strong returns on their social, digital and radio advertising. Key metrics were used to measure the success of NDP’s ongoing social media marketing. The integrated social media and radio campaigns have led to a surge in admissions inquiries that has allowed NDP to widen its admissions pipeline.

In the last two years of the campaign, NDP reached a record number of new students entering at the high school level, while maintaining their middle school enrollment. Throughout the campaign, Facebook advertising campaigns typically yielded 34 registrations annually for open houses.

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