Creating a Dynamic LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page is an essential component of your digital brand. Do you know what it says about your company? When was the last time you reviewed it?

I recall a conversation several years ago with the executive vice president of a regional bank about the content on the company page that described the bank’s services. I was concerned with some of the information that I saw and so was the EVP. An employee who had left the bank had updated it prior to his departure and had made some key mistakes. Needless to say the EVP was both embarrassed and appreciative that I pointed it out.

As the Company Page has evolved in the past 12 months, here are five key items that need to be reviewed to ensure that you are maximizing the page.

Company Logo. This is a must do!  The logo will appear prominently in the upper left hand corner of the page just prior to your company name.  This is part of the page architecture.

Image/Photo. Showcasing an image provides an excellent opportunity to visually promote your brand. As of 5/30/13, LinkedIn will allow you to use a PNG, JPEG or GIF file with a maximum size of 2 MP. The image must be 646 x 220 pixels or larger.

About Section. This is an opportunity to highlight your company. This will require a well-written description that articulates the company’s value proposition and mission.

Services or Products. This is the section where you can spotlight specific services or products, provide an image and link it directly to a landing page on your website.

Company Updates. Just like the Network Update, your company has an opportunity to post exciting updates and engage your company followers.

Jonathan Oleisky is the President of Kalix Communications

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Jonathan Oleisky

Jonathan Oleisky

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