Using Facebook Privacy Settings

By Gerri Baum

Ever think that sharing every inch of your life with the world on Facebook may not be in your best interest?  If you don’t have your Privacy Settings in place, then that’s exactly what you’re doing. You may not be able to take back what’s already out there, but you can protect yourself from publishing future stories and images that could get into the hands of undesirables.

Protect yourself with Facebook’s easy-to-use privacy app. Click on the ‘lock’ icon at the top right-side of your page. Decide who can see your “stuff,” “tag” you, look you up and contact you.  You can even go back and limit viewers from seeing posts that you’ve previously shared.

Facebook also gives you the option to restrict users from posting on your timeline and block specific users so they no longer see things that you post. Hate those never-ending invites to play games, download unwanted apps or attend events?  Now you can even block those with the click of a key.

Finally, NEVER publish a photo, phone number, address or any personal information that you don’t want others to see.  And, when you do post, make sure that the icon in the ‘status’ box is set to ‘Friends’ or whatever specific group you want to share your story with. You already have practically zero privacy in your life. Don’t let Facebook take it up another notch. Put your privacy settings in place today!

Gerri Baum is a social media consultant who helps businesses, organizations and brands leverage the power of social media in order to meet there marketing goals and objectives.  In addition to managing her own private clientele, Gerri directs social media for Kalix Communications in Baltimore, MD and is a social media manager for Sociality Squared in New York City.

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