Welcome to Kalix Communications! We were born in August 2012 on The Avenue in the eclectic Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden, Hon! A group of like minds and talents formed Kalix Communications to serve the greater Baltimore community and beyond creatively.

Who is Kalix Communications?

We are brand strategists, writers, marketing mavens, media gurus, creative minds, web designers, PR types, social media whizzes. We’ve been called many things, but you can call us Kalix.

What makes us different?

We work with talent from around the region, while keeping a core team close to home, here in Baltimore. That helps us perform the magic trick of expanding or shrinking to meet the needs of our clients.

What’s our knowledge base?

At our core is a group of senior marketing professionals, each with twenty or more years of experience under their belts.  They are experts from brand strategy and sophisticated design to C-level public relations and social media. We have deep expertise in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest marketing.

What’s in our name, Kalix Communications?

Kalix is the name of an archipelago off the coast of Sweden made up of some 792 islands. Like the archipelago, we are a diverse group of experienced individuals, each with uniquely qualified marketing expertise, who come together around your business.

To learn more about Kalix and our capabilities, visit our Solutions page.