When was the last time you can remember an outstanding customer service experience? A recent one comes to mind that is worthy of public recognition and a “shout-out” to a wonderful Maryland museum.

If you have spent time in the Eastern Shore town of St. Michael’s, you are likely familiar with the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. The CBMM produces a magazine for members and supporters that is well worth the read. This past September I remember reading the fall edition and remarked to my wife that I could not find the museum hours anywhere in the magazine.

As a former magazine publisher, I’m still a passionate advocate of the printed page. I sent a quick email off to the VP of Communications Tracey Munson, suggesting they add the museum’s hours to the publication. She replied promptly that she thought it was a good suggestion and the magazine would consider it.

Imagine my surprise some six months later, when I received an email from Tracey again thanking me for my suggestion and attaching a PDF of the latest issue with the museum’s hours published! I have to say I was stunned. Not only did they use my suggestion, but the personal follow through was so memorable I’m still impressed with it. Kudos to the CBMM for their outstanding customer service and personal communication.

Jonathan Oleisky is the President of Kalix Communications