Re-launching Your Career Using LinkedIn

By Gerri Baum

Are you a ‘Boomer’ or retiree ready to launch the next great act of your career?  Than you must have a social media footprint, and LinkedIn is where you should take the next steps.

According to The Society for Human Resource Management, 95 percent of organizations use LinkedIn to recruit workers.  So throw out that ancient rolodex you’ve depended upon, and create a professional online profile if you want to compete in today’s digitally-savvy world.

Setting up your LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Publish a professional photo of yourself along with a Headline that illustrates who you are. Include a Summary that tells people what you do, and highlight your career accomplishments.  Incorporate images, slideshows and video that showcase your work.  Build out your Job History, noted achievements, and Skills’ list to further attract recruiters and Endorsements from followers.

Once your LinkedIn profile is complete, engage in the community. Follow peers, give a ‘thumbs up’ to other pros with Endorsements, snag some Recommendations from people you’ve worked for or with, provide valuable content or start a conversation in your newsfeed, and join some relevant Groups to expand your network.  “Life Reimagined for Work,” a partnership of AARP and LinkedIn, is a valuable LinkedIn Group to join. With over 15,000 members, this dynamic community offers job listings, conversation, news and advice geared to people who have been in the workforce for 20+ years.

Whether you’re searching for full or part-time work, LinkedIn is the way to go.  The social media site can set the stage for the next phase of your professional life and help get your foot in the door.

Gerri Baum is a social media consultant who helps businesses, organizations and brands leverage the power of social media in order to meet there marketing goals and objectives.  In addition to managing her own private clientele, Gerri directs social media for Kalix Communications.

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