Release The Blogger In You

By Gerri Baum

If your brain is about to explode from a stockpile of opinions, ideas and observations that burn to break out, then maybe you should consider blogging.  Blogs are a great way to openly express your views on a variety of subjects, share vital information, educate readers with your wealth of knowledge, and leave your mark on trending topics.

Creating a blog can be FREE. And there are a wide variety of blogging platforms where you can blog to your hearts content.  WordPress, the ‘daddy of blogging sites’ offers limited customization on the WordPress site itself.  There is also a version that allows you to host a blog on your own server, with the ability to edit themes, hack code and include as many plugins as you wish.  Though WordPress is the best option available, it can be a bit complicated if you’re a novice blogger.

Google’s blogging platform Blogger, however, can be easily customized with a variety of backgrounds and layouts that can make a newbie blogger look like a pro.  It simply requires a Gmail/Google account to get started.  And, like WordPress, it’s free to use.

Blogging platforms such as Tumblr, Medium, Svbtle, Quora and all have their own nuances when it comes to purpose, customization and ease-of-use.   Your choice to blog on anyone of these sites should depend on your publishing goals and comfort level.

It doesn’t really matter what platform you choose to use for your blog.  Find one that works for you and just start writing.  Your brain will thank you for it.

Gerri Baum is a social media consultant who helps businesses, organizations and brands leverage the power of social media in order to meet there marketing goals and objectives.  In addition to managing her own private clientele, Gerri directs social media for Kalix Communications in Baltimore, MD and is a social media manager for Sociality Squared in New York City.

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