Social Media for the Novice – Is that you?

By Gerri Baum

If 2013 left you still wondering what Facebook, tweeting and hashtags are all about then it’s time to ‘get social!’  Social media offers people virtual online communities of networks to engage in, and exchange information and ideas.  Its power to connect people, places and brands is unmatched by any other form of communication tool today.  So, if you want to get with the program, here are some platforms you may want to begin with:

Facebook: Used by people of ALL ages, this kingpin of social media offers you the ability to stay in touch with relatives, upload and view pics, photo albums and videos (especially of those grandkids, nieces or nephews you’ve been waiting to see), find out what your friends are up to, and more. However, remember to establish your privacy settings before getting started if you want to protect your own turf.

Twitter: Want to keep up with Baltimore’s rabbis, President Obama or maybe even Ryan Seacrest? Then follow and ‘tweet’ with them on Twitter to view, and publish, real-time updates in just 140 characters or less.

Pinterest: Looking for a source of inspiration to plan a vacation, a celebration; or shop and more? Then Pinterest is where you should be. View and engage with scores of people and picture boards that will light-up your brain with great ideas.  Create and procure your own boards to share with others.

LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is a must use for all professionals who are launching, revitalizing or strengthening their careers.  Become a thought leader in your industry by posting valuable information to your newsfeed, answering and asking questions in groups and networking with peers.  Looking for a job? Then you can’t beat the power of LinkedIn to help you in your quest.

Keep an eye out for our next post as we begin to explore the power of social media for businesses and organizations.

Already using social media sites? Let us know in a comment how you make use of these valuable communication tools.

Gerri Baum is a social media consultant who helps businesses, organizations and brands leverage the power of social media in order to meet there marketing goals and objectives.  In addition to managing her own private clientele, Gerri directs social media for Kalix Communications.

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