How do you tell your story?

(And how do you get there?)

Where do you want to go?

Strategy & Positioning

What sets you apart from others? What unique value do you provide to students and families? The answers will lead to your brand positioning.

Creating a well-defined brand positioning that resonates with your current and future constituents provides the foundation for the messaging and marketing strategy. Through thorough analysis, we determine how the brand needs to be perceived (the identity) by the target audiences of current and prospective customers in comparison to the competition.

Our goal is to create an innova­tive positioning statement that informs the marketing strategy and inspires our creative team to design the words and images that truly capture who you are. Our thorough process includes Discovery, Market Research, Brand Strategy Development, Marketing Strategy/Plan Development and Execution.

All brands have personality. What’s yours?

We will help you articulate what defines your brand personality and how it will translate to the look, feel and tone of all your marketing materials.