In the past week, the use of LinkedIn has been a common theme in the majority of my meetings. Why is that? Perhaps it has to do with a wider use and acceptance of “the world’s largest professional network with 200 million members.” If that does not grab your attention, I’m not sure what will.

If you are a business professional today, LinkedIn is a must do. The powerful digital network speaks to engagement, positioning and branding. Each of us has a personal brand that we are responsible for cultivating. LinkedIn allows us to position ourselves as industry experts and thought leaders.

For many of us, LinkedIn has become the equivalent of our digital business development rolodex (some of you remember those, right?). The real power of LinkedIn is the opportunity to both engage and connect with fellow professionals in a very unobtrusive manner. If you have a LinkedIn profile, then you’ve announced to the community that you are “open” to engagement and business opportunities.

Do all LinkedIn users really understand the power of the network? How many people have a simple, understated profile that poorly represents them? In the coming weeks and months I’ll share with our readers, specific steps that you can take to have a more impactful profile.

Jonathan Oleisky is the President of Kalix Communications