How do you tell your story?

Who doesn’t love a good story?

Is your strategy working?

Is your strategy working?

Are you reaching the right people?

Are you reaching the right people?

Everyone has a story. Yours is what draws people to you. It’s what sets you apart. And it’s the reason families apply to your independent school, college or university.

At Kalix, we help you find your story, whether you are an independent school, college or university or educational organization. We start with discovery, market research, brand positioning and strategic planning. Then we build your story through digital, social, print and broadcast media.

Ready for your story to go from good to great?

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Want to boost your school’s marketing efforts?

Download Think Forward: 10 Marketing Must-Dos for Independent Schools.

Our guide is loaded with tips you need, including:

  • The best way to reach prospective families on Facebook
  • Why you need brand positioning and messaging
  • What should be on your strategic checklist
  • How to conduct a social media audit
  • Why word of mouth still matters

Our approach is simple: We start with listening and then we ask questions.

What answers get to the heart of your story?

What are your strengths and challenges?

What makes your story special and distinguishes you in the market?

And how can you best use social, digital and traditional marketing tools to tell your authentic story and reach those who will make your story their own?

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Giving Back

As part of our commitment to our community, we donate one percent of our annual profit to B.E.S.T. (Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust), which supports academically ambitious African American children with financial need through the admissions process at local independent schools.