You need the right data to develop a successful strategy.

A good marketing strategy begins with understanding your target audience. We dive into proven primary market research methodologies – qualitative and quantitative – to create a customized research plan for your unique audience and market. 

How do we leverage qualitative research?

  • We use in-depth one-on-one telephone interviews and focus groups to understand market perceptions, attitudes and beliefs about your school among prospective and current audiences.
  • We glean valuable insights into what both prospects and stakeholders think about your school and why.
  • We analyze the feedback to develop the survey for the quantitative research phase.

How do we leverage quantitative research?

  • We use online and telephone surveys to collect data (large enough sample sizes to be reliable and predictable) about prospective audiences.
  • We identify key differences among different subsegments by demographics and other factors.
  • We can develop a full segmentation study to statistically break down the addressable target audiences into unique personas to help you leverage this in your marketing strategy.
  • We conduct international studies for boarding and day schools recruiting abroad.

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