Debunking the ERB Myth: It’s about more than testing

ERB Provides More Than Testing

Our work with educational clients sometimes takes us beyond independent school campuses across the country. Most recently, Kalix Marketing traveled to Boston for the 90th ERB Conference, held from October 18-20 at the Boston Park Plaza.

Our goal was to learn more about ERB’s mission and how they serve their 2,000+ member schools, one of the world’s largest and oldest providers of admission and achievement assessment and instructional services for Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 independent, public and parochial schools around the globe. (And enjoying a perfect fall day in Boston wasn’t bad, either.)

Four ERB conference take-aways to consider:

Genuine leadership can handle a little company. “I very much enjoyed the Fireside Chat with the outgoing and incoming Presidents of ERB. It’s clear that Dave Clune, President, is passionate about all things ERB and has done an excellent job leading ERB for the past 13 years. Dr. Clune passes the baton on January 31, 2018 to Dr. Tom Rochon. Many presidents might use the final hurrah of their organization’s annual conference to center on their achievements, but it was clear to me that Dr. Clune is a true servant leader. You can tell by his affect and the way he carries himself that he’s humble and has placed the organization and how ERB serves its schools and students first.

Meeting Dr. Rochon was a treat. It’s just as clear that this former president of Ithaca College has a vision about where ERB needs to go in the next decade. When Dr. Rochon explained that he and Dr. Clune didn’t meet until after he was hired, I was surprised. During the Fireside Chat, they shared a collegiality and collaboration typically found in those who have worked together for years, not just over the six-month cross-over period.” – Jonathan Oleisky, President and Founder of Kalix Marketing

Teachers love teaching, no matter the age of the student. “Wherever I looked at the ERB conference, teachers were teaching each other, whether in a formal session, networking over breakfast or lunch or huddled over a laptop in the corner of a hotel hallway. Attendees were happy to share how he or she gets the most out of the ERB programs and reports. There were many different ideas and approaches, and the ideas and suggestions were flowing freely, minus any professional territorial lines. It underscored for me that teaching is a calling, not a career.” – Sarah Achenbach, Kalix Director of Communications

Professional development is personal development. “Attending the ERB Conference reminded me of how important professional development is. Prior to our trip to Boston, it had been a while since I had been at a professional development conference. I enjoyed sitting in on the admission sessions, which validated why taking the time away from the office to focus on your craft is so important. I came away with some new ideas and concepts and a fresh appreciation for how important admission marketing is. It was also great to see roomfuls of independent school administrators and teachers there for a common purpose. It charged me up!” – Jonathan

It takes a village. “Prior to the conference, I spoke by phone with each of the six ERB consultants who work directly with the member schools. My conference plan was to introduce myself to the consultant team and spend time with each of them, but it quickly became clear that they were needed for one-on-one questions and idea-generating sessions with their member schools. Between the formal workshops, they were usually mobbed. I shook a few hands and said hello, but was happy to allow them time to do what they do best.” – Sarah

ERB (Educational Records Bureau) is a new Kalix client, and we’re excited to create original blog and digital media content for them.

Thanks, ERB, for the opportunity to be with you in Boston!

Check out the post Kalix wrote for one of the pre-conference workshops with enrollment management expert Chris Baker of The Baker Group. Tap here.>> 

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Sarah Achenbach is Director of Communications for Kalix Marketing.

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