Kalix Celebrates 9 Optimistic Years

I’ve always looked at life as a journey to do good in the world. Call me idealistic, but that’s who I am. It’s the reason behind why I built Kalix Marketing nine years ago.   

I’m incredibly proud that since 2012, Kalix has had the pleasure to work with an outstanding group of independent and public schools and educational organizations doing good around the country. We’ve collaborated with schools and dynamic leaders who turn to us as a trusted partner in their marketing efforts. 

Everyone on the Kalix team practices servant leadership. Our singular goal as a company is to serve mission-driven organizations and help them be more impactful and effective in marketing their school and sharing their unique message to prospective families and students. 

Since May 23, 2012 – the day I officially founded Kalix – I remain deeply grateful that we continue to grow in our mission and reach.  This past year has been particularly humbling. Many small businesses didn’t survive the pandemic. Prior to COVID-19 and the unexpected shut-downs and systemic shift in how we do work, the odds of small-business success weren’t great. Only 50% of small businesses make it to the five-year anniversary. 

Growing and running a business is not an easy endeavor. Every day I must motivate myself to do better than the day before and accomplish an ever-growing list of tasks. I learned right away that the only way for an organization to be successful is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you – people who have a unique skill set that you don’t have, but who share your values and are driven to offer clients exceptional insights on a daily basis. 

I’m incredibly proud of our dynamic team of marketing, communications and admissions professionals. They define our value proposition and do an amazing job of stewarding our client relationships. I’m forever grateful for their insights, skill set and friendship. 

Thank you to this wicked smart group of colleagues (in alphabetical order): Sarah Achenbach, Beth Amen, Donna Balinkie, Gerri Baum, Channing Capacchione, Ruth Eve, Jeffrey Freedman, Alison Greer, Emily Goldstein, Wayne Jacobs, Kirk Lutz, Faye Rivkin and Angie Ward. Thanks, too, to Susan Ciaverelli, Nina Merkel, Abe Novick, Anne Schulte and Jim Vecchione, who have played  important roles as well. 

Here’s to nine years of serving others!

President’s Notes
Jonathan Oleisky

Jonathan Oleisky

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