5 Top Ways to Market to and Attract Gen Z

Know your audience. Sage advice for every college admissions marketing professional, but there’s a lot to know when marketing to Generation Z (those born after 1995 and before 2011).

Though this group is just hitting the workforce, in two years, Gen Z is expected to account for 40% of all consumers, per Fast Company.

Right now, of course, they’re hitting college campuses. And there are right and wrong ways to engage these digital natives.

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6 Digital Advertising Marketing Mistakes You Might be Making

Practically anyone can delve into digital marketing with a boosted post here or a link there. But doing it successfully to engage your prospects and entice them to register for your admissions event or apply to your school takes a little more effort, strategy and planning.

Here are six common mistakes that schools make when marketing themselves online.

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7 Tips That Will Help Your School Master Instagram

When Instagram launched eight years ago this month, it was mostly for personal expression. Today, brands and organizations have joined the 800 million active monthly users to share who they are in a creative, authentic way.

With more than half of Instagram users on the site daily, it’s the perfect place for your school, college or university to be to grow your brand and inspire your audiences.

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