From Facebook to TikTok: The Importance of Tailoring Your Posts for Different Platforms

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This is the first in a two-part series focusing on best practices to get your independent school’s content seen an engaged with on various social media sites.

Welcome to the world of social media, where connecting with your audience has never been easier. Each platform has its own style and vibe. It’s super important to mix things up instead of copying and pasting the same content everywhere. 

Why Crafting Different Posts Matters

Now, you might be wondering, why bother with all this crafting madness? Let us break it down for you:

  1. Each platform has its own cool features that you don’t want to miss out on.
  2. People behave differently on each platform, so you gotta speak their language and meet their expectations.
  3. Algorithms are picky eaters. By customizing your posts to the platform and its audience, you can ensure they get the attention they deserve.
  4. Consistency is key. While you tweak your content, make sure your brand’s voice and personality shine.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the art of crafting the perfect posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok, so your school can optimize engagement and reach the audiences you need to reach. 

Since it’s Commencement season, we are going to use that theme as a “case study” to show how you would post about your school’s graduation festivities across the various platforms.

Facebook: Get the Party Started

Facebook is like that friendly neighborhood hangout spot where everyone’s welcome. When you post here, think about sparking conversations. Ask questions, run polls or throw in a fun challenge to get people talking, liking and sharing. Don’t forget, Facebook is great for longer stuff too, like blog posts or articles. Use cool features like live videos and events to keep your audience hooked.

Ideas for Posting about Commencement on Facebook:

  • For #tbt (Throwback Thursday), post a few graduation photos from your archives. Perhaps choose those classes celebrating a reunion this year. Ask “What’s your favorite memory from your graduation?” Tag some alumni who are on Facebook and in the graduation photos you publish. If there is a tradition across generations, like the school flower in the girls’ bouquets, connect to that when asking for comments: “How did it feel to hold the [SCHOOL NAME] daisy bouquet for the first time?”
  • Invite your audience to watch the ceremony live. Livestream any big traditions leading up to the Big Day (awards ceremony, Field Day, etc.).
  • Post-ceremony, use Canva to make engaging posts with inspiring quotes and photos from the commencement speakers. Be sure to brand them with your school colors and logo.
  • Consider segmenting your photo galleries in your Facebook posts with a post of proud family pics with grads, another post of groups of friends, another of the class getting ready to process. Encourage people to post their memories of these events.

Instagram: Show, Don’t Tell

Instagram: the land of breathtaking visuals! This place is all about the eye candy. Let your creative juices flow and tell stories with stunning images and videos. Make sure they match your brand’s style and wow your followers. Want to share behind-the-scenes moments or give quick tutorials? Instagram Stories and Reels are your best friends. Don’t forget to rock those hashtags and chat with your fans in the comments and DMs. Check out our hashtag advice

Ideas for Posting about Commencement on Instagram:

  • Think beyond the traditional photo of the class processing. What will appeal to Gen Z? A pile of graduation caps and about-to-be-presented diplomas? A shot of grads showing their sandals and flip-flops under their graduation robes? Classmates high-fiving or a close-up of a hug? 
  • What about an Instagram takeover with Stories, Reel and posts by the senior class president on the last day of classes to capture the images of an event that connects with students, parents and alumni?  
  • Maybe have a quick tutorial by your alumni director on ways to make your LinkedIn profile pop for new grads – or your College Counselor giving a short, inspirational congrats speech.

LinkedIn: Network Like a Pro

LinkedIn is where you wear your professional hat and connect with like-minded folks. Here, you want to show off your expertise and share valuable insights. Post about industry news, drop some knowledge bombs or write original articles to establish yourself as a thought leader. And don’t forget to join LinkedIn groups to meet like-minded people in your niche. Just remember to keep things professional and use LinkedIn’s publishing feature for those long-form gems.

Ideas for Posting about Commencement on LinkedIn:

  • Give a wrap-up congrats post to your graduates and share a link to where they are attending college.
  • Create a Canva post with the best nugget of commencement speaker advice, or post a PDF of your speaker’s speech in its entirety. Maybe it’s a list of your thought leaders on what advice they have for your graduates. Ask people to share their best advice.
  • Ask your College Counseling staff to write about your school’s graduating class and college trends post-pandemic, etc. to show you are a thought leader in the field. 

YouTube: Lights, Camera, Action

Video content is king for engagement.  Whether it’s tutorials, vlogs or entertaining stuff, YouTube is where it’s at. Catchy titles and thumbnails are your secret weapons to get those clicks. Focus on top-notch video quality, sound and editing to give your audience an amazing experience. Don’t forget to optimize your descriptions and tags to get discovered. Engage with your viewers through comments, likes and shares. Remember: Shorter is better when it comes to YouTube (and any video). Learn more.

Why not collaborate with fellow YouTubers to expand your reach? Find YouTubers whose content resonates with yours and aligns with your school’s mission and values, such as a YouTuber in the educational space who makes videos about STEM activities for children. 

Why collaborate with other YouTubers? It’s a fantastic way to grow your school’s channel, make cool content and connect with fellow creators. Here are some fun ways to team up with other YouTubers:

  • Bring Guests on Your Channel: Invite a fellow YouTuber to appear as a guest on one of your videos. You can do something together like a challenge, an interview or just have a chat about a topic you both love.
  • Work on Projects Together: Get creative with another YouTuber and work on a project that combines your talents. It could be a series of videos, a short film or even a podcast. The goal is to collaborate and create something awesome that both your audiences will enjoy.
  • Help Each Other Out: Cross-promotion is a great way to support each other. Give shoutouts to each other’s channels or specific videos in your content, video descriptions or on social media. It helps to introduce your audiences to each other and expand your reach.
  • Take on Challenges and Tags: Join in on the fun when another YouTuber starts a challenge or tag. These are usually themed videos or activities that creators pass on to each other. It’s a cool way to participate, create content and keep the chain going.
  • Go Live Together: Consider doing live streams or hosting events with another YouTuber. It can be a joint live stream, a panel discussion or a Q&A session where both of you interact with your viewers in real-time. It adds an exciting dynamic to your collaboration.
  • Make a Difference: Collaborate on community-driven projects like charity fundraisers, awareness campaigns or events that bring multiple YouTubers together for a good cause. It’s a powerful way to make a positive impact with your content.
  • Share Your Skills: If you have a particular skill or expertise, team up with a YouTuber with a different specialty. You can create videos where you teach each other something new or share your knowledge with your viewers. It’s a win-win situation.

Communication and planning are key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable collaboration experience. Get out there, reach out to fellow creators and have a blast making awesome videos together!

Ideas for Posting about Commencement on YouTube:

  • For families and loved ones who can’t attend the ceremony, posting it in full is not a bad idea, and current families will appreciate it. Just know that most people beyond Grandma are not going to watch the whole video.
  • Edit your commencement speakers’ best moments into one video, so viewers can watch a “Best Of” compilation.
  • Does your school have a big tradition leading up to Commencement, such as decorating uniform tunics, Field Day, shaking the hands of all faculty as a thank you? Film it and post it!
  • While your seniors are lining up to process, take short interview clips with their answers to the same question: “What have you loved most about  [SCHOOL NAME]?” Edit these fun, spontaneous, heartfelt answers into one video.

TikTok: Embrace the Fun

Welcome to the land of short and snappy! TikTok is all about creativity, entertainment and keeping things bite-sized. Ride the waves of trends, challenges and hashtags to increase your chances of going viral. Use TikTok’s awesome editing tools, effects and filters to make your videos pop. Don’t be shy to duet with others, chat in the comments and slide into those DMs. Just be yourself, stay on top of the latest trends and have a blast! 

Looking for trends? Follow @trendtokapp on TikTok to stay up to date with the latest trends and check out Hootsuite’s top 2023 Tik Tok Trends

Need some ideas for TikTok? Check out our advice, written by a Gen Z’er.

Ideas for Posting about Commencement on TikTok:

  • Keep it student-centric! Think short clips of students having fun and vamping for the camera while getting ready for the graduation procession, silly shots of the last day of classes.
  • Joy is key with TikTok. Share short clips of your seniors sharing their best memories of moments with friends at your school.
  • Is there a current meme you can play with for commencement? 

We’ve covered a lot of ground here. Social media is a wild ride, but now you’re armed with the knowledge to conquer it. Remember, each platform has its own quirks and preferences, so tailor your posts accordingly. Don’t be afraid to get creative, spark conversations and showcase your expertise in the right places. 

By crafting unique and engaging content for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok, you’ll captivate your audience and build meaningful connections. Rock those posts and watch your social media game reach new heights. Happy posting, and remember to have fun along the way!

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Stay tune for part two of this series when we present “How a One-Person Marketing Department can Revolutionize School Social Media.”

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